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How do I know who to Trust?

I need help with my intuition and clarity.

How do I know what is the right decision for my health?

How can I get answers to all my questions?

I don’t like being told what to do.

Imagine having the confidence to heal yourself of any ailment with all the resources available. Knowing what to do, which choices to make and moving forward no matter what to complete health?

At the root of all illness is a disconnect with ourselves.

As a dietetics professional in hospitals, clinics, and schools saw the impact of many factors on disease and illness. Jen has learned energy healing modalities using ancient techniques and taught healing and awakening systems.

She has practiced deep meditations and prayer through traditional esoteric ways primarily Buddhist/Taoist for over 20 years and now able to recognize a factor that was totally ignored in the process of healing.

Through a first conversation – We determine what your session will be focused on. Receive a customized education, practices and/or activities to connect you with your inner expert, see the interconnection of life, food and nature. All sessions include life changing perspective shift. Enter below for FREE EBOOK “Seed: Discovering the Infinite Seed of Your Supreme Health” being your journey to a life changing perspective.

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Enjoy traditional casual tea with customized wellness education based on your supreme health goal. Learn basic tips on choosing tea. Discover living from the first supreme health root – seed. Learn ways to begin nourishing your seed so you can use your intuition more fully with a practice of inner awareness and healing.

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Supreme Health Custom Session to provide the education, support intuitive insights and develop a plan of action based on your own being.

Customized researched based education and intuitive insights.

Plan of action based on Your own inner knowing.

Powerful Tips and Ideas you request to help you along the way.

Email accessibility with Jen as you need for questions, insights and ideas as comes to you.


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Supreme Health Q/A

Truly appreciate the sincere time and effort it took in creating something that can help our spirits along this journey!!. I appreciated the meditation and and morning ritual talk reminder , it was a gentle reminder for me to remember that we are in control and held accountable on how we start and deploy on each new day.” ~ Otis

“5 Tips to Maintaining Your Emerging Awakened State”

“Love the video!!! So amazing and you have such a calming resonance to your voice as well. I’m excited for you!! ~ Cami of Sage Soul Creative

I definitely believe there are many people out there who just need to hear these words too.” ~ Cami of Sage Soul Creative

What can you do for me?

Would you rather wait until you are feeling ill, not knowing what to do, getting upset that things aren’t working and blaming others to consider a new approach?

Or would you like to have confidence and clarity in your own ability and choices so when you are not well, you can use skills shared to recenter and balance so a more clear decision can be made?

In the end, you always decide, even when it seems like “I don’t have a choice”. Choosing now to learn and develop yourself is a choice, how much would it be worth to you to alleviate worries and have certainty that you can have Supreme Health?

There is no better time than Now

You’ll learn how to refocus your attention on your health

We stand for Supreme Health – this means, knowing you have the ability to achieve health beyond your current beliefs

You’ll be part of a rare but growing number of people who recognize they have the insight and power to redirect their health and life from one’s Highest Potential

*Upon purchase you agree with waiver terms and cancellation policy at bottom of this page.

Buy Now $397 Session with paypal

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Love and Gratitude to All Beings

*Cancellation Policy: For Personal Sessions ~ Please let me know if you are cancelling at least 1 week in advance and a full-refund will be provided. Full credit is offered from a week up to the day before or cash refund minus 25% admin fee. If canceled within 24 hours will be offered credit or reschedule to be used within 30 days of purchase.

**Please note the amazing Apprentice Program provided by Primordial Alchemist has been closed. I’m no longer an Apprentice as Mugen Roshi has requested we all focus on cultivation, I continue to be a dedicated student. Please visit their website to learn more and if you are looking for the KUNLUN(R)SYSTEM.

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