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3 Months ~ Achieve Your Supreme Health Goal

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Tuesday, July 6th 2021

You are the Earth

We are the material of the earth, the spirit of the universe and the light of our own consciousness. – Sangmo Heart Journal

Feel More: Energized, Joyful, Courageous, Unconditionally Loving

Supreme Health Workshop Class Series

Tired of feeling a subtle lack of energy, worried about getting old, sick and dying, feeling dull and simply put not particularly nice? How about gaining greater health and living your supreme health goal going beyond what you’ve believed things to be?

You are unique and your creative expression in the world is needed.

This Workshop Brings you more Self-Confidence of Your Path as You Enter into the Mystery and Magic of Your Own Profound Being.

Your Vision of Great Health is Worth it

Learn and Grow with the 5 Supreme Health Roots

This is a 3 Month Workshop Series ~ 4 Classes a Month

Next Series Begins July!

Feel More: Energized, Joyful, Courageous, Unconditionally Loving

Learn a way of Meditating more Deeply into your Body to Discover Answers Beneath the Surface.

Listen to Your Spirit Body and Being

Understand Your Natural Intelligence to Direct your Being to What you Desire

Expressing Your Creative Being in Everyday Life

Sharing inner awareness practices to bring you to your natural state of being – Learn how you can do what you are meant to be doing. Use your spiritual, sensitive nature, express your infinite self more in the world. Know how to nurture your body more and have the strength, joy and flow you need to follow your passions. Know what foods vibrate for you and which ways of eating are best for you.

These Workshop Classes Provide:

  • Receive the 5 Supreme Health Roots ~ This is the key to living a profound Life
  • Personalized environment offering you attention to your needs
  • Powerful simple powerful practice, to look more deeply into your body
  • Develop more inner awareness to make better choices
  • Reassurance and clarity from within of what you wish to do, lovingly living from your Truth
  • Know how to live more simply, from joy and play, doing what you love, following your inner calling
  • Connection with Jen to assist you personally
  • Exclusive Access to the Supreme Health Evolution Facebook page for support from others who are in the Workshop or have experienced the Workshop
  • Science backed information and inspiration! You’d be surprised what has been researched.

Walk your own Divine Avatar with Jen as she lights the way to Supreme Health. Gain the resources you need now, the simple methods to bring you directly into your own inner awareness so you can get questions answered from your truths and walk your wisdom.

$1500 – 3 Months, 12 Classes Or Monthly Payments $600

Register Now and Move Courageously into Your Divine Avatar of Supreme Health

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Bring these qualities to the surface of your life ~ Energized, Fearless, Joyful, Courageous, Unconditionally Loving

Jen Heine trained as a dietetics professional with a Masters in Public Health Nutrition, studied esoteric traditions and traditional practices of Tibetan Buddhism and Taoism, trained in martial arts and is self-taught in multiple other diets and perspectives on health. She honors each person’s unique nature and brilliance knowing the best health expert is one’s own pure awareness of their own body and being.

Sign up now for this class and discover how you can rescue yourself from the stresses of what to eat, grounding, and insecurities of wondering what you should be eating. Be determined to learn and grow, be inspired and transformed, cared for and connected with so you know you’re on the right path.

Be ready to take lots of notes.

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