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Truly appreciate the sincere time and effort it took in creating something that can help our spirits along this journey!!. I appreciated the meditation and and morning ritual talk reminder , it was a gentle reminder for me to remember that we are in control and held accountable on how we start and deploy on each new day.” ~ Otis

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Supreme Health Workshop

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Each workshop covers the 5 Supreme Health Roots aligning you with your Supreme Health Goal of Being and with deeper discoveries of inner truths. This workshop is designed to fulfill your soul.

12 Classes, 3 Months

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Arts, Healing Mongolian Dot Painting

Would you like to release obstacles in your life through creative works?

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Whatever you want related to wellness and life’s challenges, sessions assist you are on the spiritual path to discover more about yourself. Covering the foundations of health and longevity, living from spirit and balancing in everyday life.

You are your own expert!! At the root of all illness is a disconnect with ourselves. As a dietetics professional in hospitals, clinics, and schools saw the impact of many factors on disease and illness. Concurrently practicing Buddhist, Taoist and other traditional esoteric ways was able to recognize a factor that was totally ignored in the process of healing. Combining experiences to connect people with their own inner expert, see the interconnection of life, food and nature.

Schedule a Free 15 min Consult Chat

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