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Did you miss an event? You can now learn more on a specific topic and delve into a little perspective to help you unravel your health goals. Starting with the Supreme Health Roots and expanding with different materials coming in the future.


Discovering the Infinite Seed of Your Supreme Health

Seed: The First Supreme Health Root

Paperback Price $6.99

Self-Published by hand! Get first of the series with special signature note!

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If you are local to the Sedona area – books are available in person only, at the Flower of Life Store.

Ebook Price $4.99

A miraculous little book, short and direct, designed to bridge your world into that of mystery and living your fullest Divine Life and Health. With this book you can see exactly what your purpose is through the eyes of your health, divine nature and your personal insight. This book is empowering you to remember and focus on what your life and health is meant to be. Being short and concise makes it easier to pick up and go or read it multiple times. 11 mini pages, small font, approx. 4.5 x .2 x 7

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EBook: You are Your Immune System: Oneness with Your Food

Your Price $1

This colorful, simple, to the point, Ebook is to guide you in honoring your relationship with food and strengthening your spirit. It provides a strong scientific foundation to understanding the nature of your immune system with key points important to understand and recall throughout your journey. Including the Top 5 Foods for Your Immune System. 14 pages, large font.

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Supreme Health June Q/A – Live Zoom Recording

Your Access Price $5

Value $35

If you missed this call, you can get access now and learn more on: Best Tactics to begin purifying the gut, Diet Balance, Increasing Consistency of Meditation Practice, Enhancing my Immune System, Maintaining Strong Liver and Kidney Function, Kidney Cleanse, Types of Doshas, Eating for Spiritual Balance.

You’ll Get: encouragement to be your own expert, having insights into a new way to perceive your body and confidence in your health choices.

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PDF Workbook to make note taking easy

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