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Supreme Health Custom Session

How do I know who to Trust?

I want a reliable holistic wellness expert.

How do I know what is the right decision for my health?

How can I get answers to all my questions?

I don’t like being told what to do.

Before Going any further, practice this simple exercise~

Get comfortable in a chair or standing relaxed

Place your attention on your heart

Observe your breathing

Once you feel settled, rank yourself on the items a-e below: (1 least – 10 most).

a. I don’t trust myself and would like help on meditation

b. I want a reliable holistic wellness expert

c. I would like assistance with how to know what is right for me

d. I would like to get help finding health answers

e. I would like to work with someone who supports me in my decisions

Add up your rankings:

25 or less –>Register for Free Weekly Trainings and Schedule a Free Chat

25 or more –> Register for Free Trainings and Schedule an Intuitive or Goal Session

50 or so –> Get a Custom Session, Time Set aside for You

Supreme Health Custom Sessions Are for the best success in your health
Resolving and/or Shedding Light on your concerns by inspiring your inner expert
This is a Special Offer
Prefer One-on-One Attention
Ready to Take Action

You Get:

Get 4 Scheduled Times to Chat and Bonuses

Bonuses: 10% Discount on second session, 30 Min Follow up

Free Weekly Trainings & EBook Included along with Complimentary Cozy Nook Access


15 minute Initial Call or Zoom to get to know.

Pre-Session Consult Request you block out an hour maximum, to get a clear picture of what you would like to learn and what you are looking to achieve. We see what your health goals are and what learning will align with them.

Supreme Health Custom Session to provide the education, support intuitive insights and develop a plan of action based on your own being.

Customized researched based education and intuitive insights.

Plan of action based on Your own inner knowing.

Powerful Tips and Ideas you request to help you along the way.

Email accessibility with Jen as you need for questions, insights and ideas as comes to you.


1 Free 30 min Follow up

Buy Now $397 Session with paypal *Upon purchase you agree with waiver terms

Free Book: “Seed: Discovering the Infinite Seed of Your Supreme Health” EBook and Paperback

What can you do for me?

Provide Customized Foundational Tools and Education to enhance and empower your inner connection with your intuition, nature, and life.

Provide you with a shared space to consider new solutions that arise through you so that you can better see what is showing up.

Nurture your confidence and clarity in your own ability and choices in health through reflection, practices and insights.

Create a Plan of Action for your Supreme Health Life based on your own inner knowing.

In the end, you always decide, even when it seems like “I don’t have a choice”. Choosing now to learn and develop yourself is a choice, how much would it be worth to you to alleviate worries and have certainty that you can have Supreme Health?

There is no better time than Now

You’ll learn how to refocus your attention on your health

We stand for Supreme Health – this means, knowing you have the ability to achieve health beyond your current beliefs

You’ll be part of a rare but growing number of people who recognize they have the insight and power to redirect their health and life from one’s Highest Potential

*Upon purchase you agree with waiver terms and cancellation policy at bottom of this page.

Buy Now $397 Session with paypal

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