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Processed Safely, Quickly and Easily

Like when Buying a House, You want People you Trust, that have Experience and Understand your Business Needs without the Hassle.

Jen Heine is a Referral Partner with Bottom Line Concepts

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Working diligently to assist businesses in getting their Employee Retention Credit.

Let’s solve your ERC concerns:

Bottom Line has been in business for over 14 years
Jen Heine has helped multiple businesses learn, apply and move through the process to getting their funds.
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Known ~ Reliability
Jen is known in her community in Arizona for all the ways she helps others and reaches out to other states and communities close to her heart.
Jen is a Referral Partner, so she has Weekly Calls with Josh Fox CEO of Bottom Line and is able to provide the most updated information on processing to share with you.
Easily Accessible, a phone call, email or website as desired to connect and schedule your chat with an advisor.
You can get back an average of 10,000 per W2 Employee up to 26,000 per Employee.
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Honesty, Integrity and Care in all things. Resolving concerns and questions as best as possible.
Personal ~ Puts personal communication at the forefront.
Prioritizing ~ Easy to schedule with helping businesses full time.
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Josh Fox CEO of Bottom Line Showing Checks from IRS
Looking forward to assisting you!
~ Jen Heine RP Bottom Line Concepts
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