“In True Nature”

“In True Nature”

The intention of this piece was to reflect the healed, most beautiful aspect of this tree. I had come across it in nature completely wrapped up in barbed wire. Upon first seeing the tree, it’s grand beauty is something you’d want to hug and enjoy near a river alcove. Then coming closer seeing it tragically being bound in this way, I could not keep walking by ignoring this message from spirit, that this is an opportunity for me to heal an aspect of self and in doing so healing this deep seated aspect within humanity.

In this particular case, I did 2 paintings. The first painting showed the trees spirit outside of the tree, as it had gotten “scared” out of it’s body, while I was painting this one, I was still developing to see more deeply what this tree felt like to be fully healed. The second painting is with to intention to see it deeply and fully in it’s strength and highest quality in it’s being and essence. These are the same tree.

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