Allowing intuitive awareness, your essence, your spirit to guide you

Living Wellness: At the foundation of all your choices, is you.

Are you ready to take an honest look at how wonderful you are? Would you like to know how to listen to your own guidance, so that you can choose the methods and foods that work best for you?

DIY Class – Immune Protective Foods

None Scheduled

This is a demonstration based DIY Class!
Eating foods that nurture your body, mind and spirit to clear out toxins and support your energy will take you to the next level of health, clarity and Immune boosting capabilities. Learn the proper way to add supplemental essential oils. These will take your meals into a whole new realm of professional taste while also boosting your immune system and spice adventure! Imagine your cookies tasting just like the peppermint patties or ginger bread in the store – yours will be better.. health protective cookies? Let’s have some fun together.

In this class, I share the top 5 foods that are Immune Protective and teach you how to prepare them so you do not lose the nutritional value, can easily digest them and doesn’t take away from your energy.

This is both educational and hands on however you wish. Once you register you will receive a list of the foods I will be preparing and what tools you’ll need to participate in the class.

Includes Ebook and Class Prep/Demo Handout

Personal Wellness Sessions

30 Minutes – $35 or 1 Hour – $75

Get Right on Track with a Personal Wellness Session! You Decide what topic is covered and get exactly what you need. My approach incorporates intuition and spirit in that there is an inner listening and questions to assist in arriving at a solution that fits right for that moment. Each session is completely unique to you.

  • Immune support
  • healthy eating
  • transitioning to fat burning
  • general learning about different diets (Ayervedic, Paleo, Keto, GAPS, Low Glycemic, Gluten Free, Vegetarian, Vegan) and how you may wish to incorporate a combination of theories – listening to your body over limitations on cultural ways of eating.
  • weight management – I don’t provide weight loss guarantees, but can educate you on some basics of metabolism
  • Other Topic – please specify and will do my best to work with it.

Register Now! Get Started On Your Personal Journey with the Insight You Are Looking For.

My personal experience and education as a dietitian, exploring different ways of eating along with my training in Taoist Alchemy brings me to share in a way that is designed to help you go deeper inward to see what answers you may discover for yourself.

My personal wellness approach came about by learning different ways of eating, listening more deeply to my body, utilizing other experts in holistic nutrition, learning spiritual teachings and practices to get a flow of eating what feels right for me. All the information I provide is backed by science and if you like references they are always available.

Supreme Health Series

Part 1: Body – Nurturing Your Whole Being – This 1 Hour Session $75

Offering this Series as Personal Sessions! Take as a stand alone class or continue to deepen your experience and grow more into the fullness of your being.

Trust in your own inner guidance, learn and grow by starting where you are, to reboot your health like the top wellness experts do (as you’ve always wished you could) and discover a whole new approach to life, food and living to be in harmony with your family, community, nature and all living beings. Receive the support and direction you need for your busy lifestyle to incorporate practices and ways to overhaul your life for more organic, fresh, pasture-raised foods on whatever budget you have.

One Hour Session to Reboot Your Whole Being for Supreme HealthRegister Today!

The Sooner You Can Tune In to Your Needs, The Faster Your Health Exponentially Increases!

Your Supreme Health Session: Nurturing Your Whole Being Includes:

– Live customized confidential one-on-one session, education and information tailored to your needs
– Learn what top wellness experts are teaching and doing and what is working, what is not
– Practice Worksheets to use in self-discovery to connect you more deeply with yourself
– A Reboot – Leave the Session with Clarity of what you will do to be your own health expert
– Continued connection by email as often as needed to keep you moving forward
– Receive tips and suggestions of how you can reboot your health related to your needs

Jen sends you on your way with everything you need to take care of yourself nutritionally, with resources to turn to and her availability to support and encourage your path. By directing your attention to Supreme Health practices, you can only have success.

Register Today!

Topics and offers change… how soon do you want to feel confident about your health? Start Supreme Health now, empower yourself. Step out into the world knowing you’ve got yourself covered from the inside out.

Part 2: Mind – Connecting with Your Natural Intelligence

Part 3: Spirit – Support Your Inner Temple

Free Vitality, Energy and Protection Boost

Offering FREE Personal Nurturing Life Oils Sessions/Classes!

Learn to be your own expert and why so many people are using and sharing plant medicine aka herbs as essential oils. You will get a glimpse into the world of these miraculous plants which have been used for thousands of years.

You will learn how they are used and what products are available to prepare you for just about any situation. Wellness and living from your most highest self is easiest done when you are prepared with preventative, on the fly and natural solutions.

Classes are subject to change. For any classes that are changed or cancelled you will receive a notification by email if you had registered for the event. As with all my classes, there is no video or audio recording.

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Nurture your Natural State of Being.

Let’s nurture your amazing spirit.

Love and Gratitude to All Beings

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