My name is Jen Heine, in my studies received an MPH, a Masters in Public Health Nutrition, and can be called a Wellness Expert and Spirit Living Guide. I’ve taught nutrition and spiritual practices, inspiring healthy eating & living, what I call spirit living. With my unique blend of education and experience, I’m able to provide the attention, support and inspiration needed to help you transition your life into that of spirit living bridging your connection with all things.

You are a complex being, a living breathing galaxy, ecosystem and community. My role is to assist you in a way that maintains this understanding in providing services to you. The result is, a deeper understanding of how to attain and maintain Supreme Health. You won’t find anyone else who does what I do as no one else has had the particular diversity and combination of unique experiences I’ve had. If you’re not sure, curious and want to learn more – A FREE 5 min chat is the next step you need to take. Your Galaxy will thank you. Scroll down and schedule today. Let’s take care of all of you.

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FREE 5 Min ChatLet’s chat and see how I can help you.

Personal Wellness – 1 Hour $200, 30 min $100 – Share a topic or topics you are looking for support or guidance on so we can address the larger picture of your overall wellness with pinpointed goals and solutions. You will receive continued support by email and additional notes and referrals based on specific needs.

Supreme Health 1 Hour Session $100 (choose Part 1, 2 or 3 each builds on the last) – Supreme Health Part 1 – Whole Being: Body as a Temple – Identifying Needs, Seeing Body as Spiritual Self

Nurturing Life Oils Personal Session – One on One – Free – Discover ways to care for yourself in everyday life with the oils you personally would benefit from the most.

Wellness Overview with Nurturing Life Oils – Free for Members

Business Overview with Nurturing Life Oils – Free for Members

Please visit this link to schedule your free 5 minute chat or Nurturing Life Oils Session.

To schedule a paid session –

1. copy this page in a new tab (so you have 2 windows open)

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3. specify below in comments what you would like

4. wait for personal confirmation before payment


Once confirmed, *payments are taken via: Please check your email and spam folder for your appointment or put address in your address book:

For any other questions or needs please fill out this Contact Form.

*Cancellation Policy: Please let me know if you are cancelling at least 1 week in advance and a full-refund will be provided. Partial credit offered up to the day before. If cancelled within 24 hours will be offered credit or reschedule.

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