My name is Jen Heine, my purpose is to share inner awareness to bring you to that inner sea of being. For those wanting more joy, energy, courage, and unconditional love ~ Bringing awareness to your inner world starting with nutrition and food choices to listening and knowing oneself to exploring your spirit.

You are a complex being, a living breathing galaxy, ecosystem and community. My role is to assist you in a way that maintains this understanding in providing services to you. The result is, a deeper understanding of how to attain and maintain Supreme Health. If you’re not sure, curious and want to learn more – A FREE 15 minute chat is the next step you need to take. Your Galaxy will thank you. Scroll down and schedule today. Let’s take care of all of you.

Learning from me: I can assist you in discovering more deeply within your relationship with food, and at the same time you will expand and realize new things about yourself. This brings your health awareness to a new level. This is more than about your food, it’s about your entire being, living youthful and free of the diet confusion and suffering. Relating to yourself and the world. For more information please see my About Page.

Please specify what type of session you would like to have:

FREE 15 Min ChatLet’s chat and see how I can help you.

Personal Wellness – 1 Hour $200, 30 min $100:

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What are your nutrition/wellness concerns?

Do you practice meditation? What tradition and/or kind? Are you open to deepening your awareness?

When you reflect on your spiritual progress and relationship with the world, how do you feel your relationship with the earth is? ex. can use your own descriptive words or rate your level of grounding with 1 being least (head in the clouds), and 10 most (present and clear).

You will receive continued support by email and additional notes and referrals based on specific needs.

Nurturing Life Oils Personal Session – One on One – Free – Discover ways to care for yourself in everyday life with the oils you personally would benefit from the most.

Wellness Overview with Nurturing Life Oils – Free for Members

Business Overview with Nurturing Life Oils – Free for Members

Contact me to schedule your free 15 minute chat or Nurturing Life Oils Session.

To schedule a paid session –

1.Provide your ideal day(s) of the week and times.

2. Specify below in comments what service you would like or what most looking to learn from a class.

3. Please see the Cancellation Policy and Review and sign the Release and Liability Waiver found below or wait until confirmation of scheduling and you can confirm by email.

3. Wait for personal confirmation of scheduling before payment.

4. Once confirmed, *payments are taken via: Please check your email and spam folder for your appointment or put address in your address book:

For session scheduling and any other questions or needs please fill out this Contact Form.

Donate ~ Offerings Welcome

**Please note the amazing Apprentice Program provided by Primordial Alchemist has been closed. I’m no longer an Apprentice as Mugen Roshi has requested we all focus on cultivation, I continue to be a dedicated student. Please visit their website to learn more and if you are looking for the KUNLUN(R)SYSTEM.

*Cancellation Policy: For Personal Sessions ~ Please let me know if you are canceling at least 1 week in advance and a full-refund will be provided. Partial credit is offered up to the day before. If canceled within 24 hours will be offered credit or reschedule.

For Supreme Health Sessions ~ You can cancel at any time. If you are unsatisfied for any reason, you will receive a full refund for what is remaining of your classes or credit toward other services or products, as applicable, you will still have access to the program materials until the next class begins. This information is subject to change as needed.

Please Print, Sign and Email a copy of the Release and Liability Waiver below or request a digital signature for all workshops, personal sessions and other services provided. One Waiver covers you for everything until the next update!

Release and Liability Waiver

Looking forward to seeing you soon.

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