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Glowing Tara of Fairy Glen ~ Inspired by family, children, Tibetan Buddhist Green Tara and the desire to have a fairy image that reflects your true nature. Many symbols in this image help one to reflect on who you are.

Many people have multiple ethnic backgrounds. This image blends Celtic art style, Isle of Sky landscape, Tibetan Buddhist Deity Green Tara and the Merkabah combined to share these messages are different cultural ways of inspiring the divine within.

High Quality Giclee Prints NOW Available! Limited Edition on 8.5″ x 11″ watercolor paper out of 200. Certificate of Authenticity included.

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Rose Mandala of the Sufis ~ I love the symbolism of the rose. The layers we move through to realize our center. Admiring these ways in understanding nature and life.

Giclee Limited Edition Print ~ Rose Mandala of Sufis

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8″ x 10″ Giclee Limited Edition Print ~ Rose Mandala of Sufis

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8.5″ x 5.5″ Card Prints of Rose Mandala of Sufis Regular Price ~ $8.99

Custom Traditional Style Dot Painting

Original Custom Empowered Artwork

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Pricing: 4″ x 6″ Original Custom Art work ~ $497

Help empower, harmonize, balance or transmute anything you desire!

This is an image based on your concern or question resolved. You get a personal session with the artist to discuss what the topic is you would like to clear or resolve. Through the conversation feelings, images and insights are identified for the commissioned piece for empowering, harmonizing, balancing, transmuting the topic requested.

What makes traditional dot painting different?
This is a deeply empathic, intuitive work based on traditional training and personal cultivation to express the highest positive empowered (means focused intention) aspect of the topic requested.

“Calling of the Cosmos”

“In True Nature” This is a Traditional Style Dot Painting Empowered Art Piece. 4″x6″

Positive Vision of a Rescued Tree that was wrapped up in barbed wire and cleared up so it could breathe and grow without the horrible wiring blocking it’s energy and flow.

More on the story of this art piece.

“Calling of the Cosmos” This is a Traditional Style Dot Painting Empowered Art Piece. 8″x 8″ with painted sides

“Calling of the Cosmos” is a deeply spiritual collaborative piece. The dynamic connection between Earth and those in the Cosmos has been ignored and disregarded, this brings the realization we are not alone in this vast universe. We reconnect humanity with our place in the galactic multiverse. Infinite worlds beyond our limited comprehension, grasped only by our infinite natural beingness, brings a sense of harmony and balance.

How this works ~

This is a personal session + empowered art in which you have a particular concern or desire you would like resolved, then we look inward to determine the desired outcome you wish to express through the artwork. After that, I will go about and let it flow through me. Once you’ve decided on the feeling intention of the work and I have complete understanding of it; this practice requires complete freedom of expression to complete.

Art offered in 4×6 and larger. Please inquire for more information. Pricing is based on size and session. The larger size takes longer to make.

Note: No copies made, you get the original with agreement not to sell copies. Prices include personal session, time to paint and the skill of meditative focus. If you are in love with this artwork and would like to discuss pricing, please contact me for considerations including possibly a smaller piece or payment plan.

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