3 Months ~ Nurturing, Connection, Creativity

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*Workshops require minimum of 5 people enrolled. Free Consults and Private Sessions also great for personal transformation and overcoming health obstacles.

You get cozy, one hour a week –

a place to be fully nurtured, accepted, whole.

Recharged and supported in healing arts, spiritual advancement, sensitivity and intuition so you can keep doing what you are meant to be doing.

Allowing the unique creative, spiritual, sensitive, loving expression to unfold more ~ boosting energy, strengthening immune system and shifting life.

Supreme Health

3 Months ~ 12 Classes of Nurturing Playful Acceptance and Fulfilling Presence

1st Month ~ Nurturing Whole Being

2nd Month ~ Connecting Natural Consciousness

3rd Month ~ Supporting the Inner Temple and Expressing Creativity in Everyday Life

Have you been… filled with worry at times, having instability, striving for connection, feel like there is a wall or blocked flow?

Are you looking… for a way to just relax and enjoy conscious company, hungry for more depth of knowledge, spirit and expansion of awareness?

Would you rise up… to the challenge of attaining a supreme goal beyond what you’ve believed things to be?

You are unique and your creative expression in the world is needed.

Enjoy an environment where you get an accepting, nurturing presence of spiritual friendship, space to focus on you through spirit infused flowing structure of the 5 Supreme Health Roots. These roots give a foundation to wellness and spiritual path. They are providing steps that not only bring you what you want, but align you with spirit requirements and virtues to get through doorways of spirit into deeper realities.

Receive personalized attention for your needs expressed. Develop confidence with both practical and profound practices and insights to align you with the highest expression of your mysterious being.

Learn in comfort, in the ways that work for you. You choose: Take notes, listen, read, journal, reflect, meditate, paint, draw, sing, be, do. Discover food vibration, insightful connections, habits, practices and ways of being at your own pace with support and encouragement at your fingertips.

One Hour a Week ~ Fulfilling Your Soul ~ Materializing Profound Wellness ~ Supreme Health

with Nurturing, Connection, Creativity

When: Weekly Sessions are typically evenings @ 7PST, however, day or time may change. If a particular time or day works best for you, depending on demand can be adjusted. All sessions are recorded for replay.

You Get ~ Everything I can Give to Bring you Nurtured Creative Loving Expression and the Deepening Essence for Satisfaction and Fulfillment including:

  • Exclusive material, for this series, tailored to the energy of the group
  • Workbook: “Supreme Health Workshop: Materializing Profound Wellness”, to keep you on track
  • 5 Supreme Health Roots ~ This is the key to living a profound Life, providing key spirit requirements to manifest deeper experiences, these are taught in depth
  • Private Access to Materials and Extras in the “Cozy Nook” page
  • Personalized environment offering you attention to your needs
  • Simple powerful practices, to look more deeply into your being
  • Develop more inner awareness to make choices you love
  • Natural stability and clarity from within so you can keep doing what you are meant to be doing
  • Learn and grow however works best for you in a joyful atmosphere of acceptance, play, and love
  • Support and connection with Jen at your fingertips
  • Understanding science as exploration of experience and sense awareness along with your own validation in experience

Within a simple hour, you get to focus on You with the biggest and best of what you need that I can offer ~ the spiritually fulfilling transmission of wholeness and insight and the spontaneous potential to recharge and refresh you each week. The tools alone are materials you can turn back to over and over for the deepening and growth that comes with transformation.

Price: $1500 – 3 Months, 12 Classes or Monthly Payments $600 *minimum 10 people

Get FREE NEW Ebook! “Seed: Discovering the Infinite Seed of Your Supreme Health, The First Supreme Health Root”

*please see cancellation policy and release of liability waiver below.

You will feel lighter, more stable, shifted and more you each week. With consistent, committed sessions to clear the hidden away through methods you love. Time for you right now so you can get along with life while taking care of your true nature’s need for infusing earth and spirit more deeply. You will find new life opportunities to show up as you sync with your supreme health aligned for your evolution.

Jen has touched hundreds of lives in different walks of life previously as a dietitian from the clinical setting to educating kids in schools to sharing, practicing, retreating and studying spiritual practices; with 20+ years of experience. Sharing as a Evolving Star Spirit Wellness Expert, she infuses her knowledge of food, energy medicine, awakening of one’s true nature and connection with earth and spirit.

She has a way of joyfully teaching, sometimes before you even know you learned the material. Guiding with decisive clarity and gentle heart successfully helping clients move through challenges empowering their success to take charge and prioritize their well-being, to go as far as one is willing to go honoring each person’s unique nature and brilliance of knowing.

*Release and Liability Waiver Agreement Required with Registration

Cancellation Policy: For Supreme Health Workshop ~ You can cancel at any time. If you are unsatisfied for any reason, you will receive a full refund for what is remaining of the classes that have not yet presented or credit toward other services or products, as applicable, you will still have access to the program materials until the next class begins. This information is subject to change as needed.

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Love and Gratitude to All Beings

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